Dropshipping Business Course

Dropshipping Business Course

Dropshipping Business Course

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Learn how to start a profitable dropshipping store and make your first $10,000 + online! 


You'll learn how to find winning products, build a branded Shopify store, scale your store with TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook ads and much more!

Why did I start a business?

I was a college student working part-time, feeling unfulfilled. I wanted complete freedom to travel whenever, and live life on my own terms. Working a 9-5 for the next 40 years seemed dreadful. So I got to work and built an online empire. The biggest risk is not taking any risk.


Starting a business changed my life 

  • I can work from anywhere with Wifi
  • Live life on my own terms
  • I make over $30k/month
  • Became my own boss
  • Bought my first home
  • Travel whenever
  • Quit my job

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Several students have already made their first $5k online!

Will you be next?


    Course Content

    Inside this program, I built a dropshipping business from scratch, showing you my exact, winning strategy, step-by-step! Below is a glimpse of what's inside!  

    • Introduction to dropshipping 
    • Products that sell and can make $100,000 +
    • Characteristics of winning products
    • Softwares and strategies I use to find winning products
    • Revealing several winning products to sell right now
    • Using Zendrop and US Suppliers 
    • Full A-Z guide to building your first Shopify store
    • Examples of good Shopify dropshipping stores
    • How to improve your conversion rate
    • Search engine optimization 
    • Introduction to marketing
    • The best way to market a long-term brand
    • Tik Tok influencer marketing strategy 
    • Instagram influencer marketing strategy
    • Example of the perfect influencer
    • Legal contract sent to influencers 
    • Building a real company page on Tik Tok  + marketing strategy 
    • Building a real company page on Instagram + marketing strategy 
    • Building a company page on Pinterest + marketing strategy
    • Full Facebook Ads tutorial: target and scale your ads 
    • Advanced Facebook Ads strategy: lookalike audience 
    • Full email marketing strategy
    • Abandoned cart recovery 
    • Fulfill orders and track shipping
    • Manage returns and refunds 
    • Setting up customer support
    • Getting visitors but no sales?
    • Should you open a new store?
    • Best credit cards to use
    • Post purchase upsells
    • How to build a brand
    • High risk orders
    • Paypal holds
    • Paying taxes                 

    BONUS! You get lifetime access to this course and all the updates!



    What makes this course unique?

    My course is just like you sitting next to me while I show you how to build a successful business! It is very detailed and easy to follow. I also teach you how to advertise with Fb Ads, Tiktok, Pinterest, Instagram and emails! No other course offers these strategies. 


    Is this course relevant for 2023?

    Yes! This course is updated for 2023. 


    How long do I have access to the course?

    Forever! You'll get lifetime access to the course and all the updates added!


    Is the price always going to stay the same? 

    The course is currently 50% off. Once the sale is over, it’ll go back to full price. Additionally, I consistently add updates to the course which will increase the price as time goes on.


    How long is the course?

    The course has 70+ video guides and is about 15 - 20 hours long. The best part is you can work at your own pace!


    Does this work for anyone worldwide?

    Yes it does!


    What if I need extra help about something?

    I go over every single detail! However, if you need extra support, you can email sara@financesimple.co!


    I want YOU to be my next successful student!